Firefighting outdoor shields

Special firefighting shields must be installed in territories of organizations when territory is larger than 5000 m2. Also there must be dry sieved sand present. Needed amount for previously mentioned territory is – 0,3 m3. In order to be prepared to fight the fire at any moment, these shields must be fully assembled, in perfect condition, extinguishers that they contain must not be expired. Make sure that shields contain orderly placed extinguishers, shovels, crowbars, lanyards, axes, buckets, piece of inflammable cloth; box must contain sand or sorbent. Firefighting shield should be close to the exits, so that in case of fire workers of the company could quickly access the firefighting equipment.

In ,,Iksada trade and service center” you will find outdoor shields and firefighting appliances that are included in full assembly:

  • buckets;
  • axes;
  • shovels;
  • crowbars;
  • lanyards;
  • inflammable cloth;
  • extinguishers.

How to choose outdoor shields and their inventory?

Contact us: phone (8-37) 350688 or e-mail info@iksadosppc.lt – we will answer all of your questions about choosing the right firefighting outdoor shields and their inventory, its operation and maintenance.

Summary: Outdoor firefighting shields must be present in the territory of companies and organisations whose territory is 5000 m and larger.


Outdoor panels:


Nedegus_audeklas_4948c0ef19187_90x90Inflammable cloth
Nedegus_audeklas_4948c09bf025d_90x90Inflammable cloth
Gesintuvas_Mg_6__49daffdb9de3a_90x90Extinguisher Mg – 6 (6 kg)