Evacuation and information signs

Evacuation and information signs are bright and very clear. They must be luminous or light reflective. In case of fire they are easily noticeable and easy to follow. These signs help to:

  • quickly leave the dangerous territory and save the lives of people;
  • follow the rules of fire prevention;
  • quickly find firefighting inventory, first aid kit;
  • to use all safety measures when it is required by the specific task;
  • warn strangers about possible dangers and health and life threatening territories.

Main rules of using these sign

Firefighting reservoirs, hydrants, water sources and their access routes must be marked with special arrows with indication of reservoir’s capacity. Arrows must be illuminated during nighttime or their inscriptions must be fluorescent.

There must be written sign that indicates the place of extinguishers inside of building. Signs that indicate where extinguishers are, must be clearly visible, installed 2 – 2,5 m from the room floor or ground, inside of building or outdoors.

How to choose the right evacuation or information signs?

Contact us: phone (8-37) 350688 or e-mail info@iksadosppc.lt – we will answer all of your questions about choosing the right evacuation or information signs, needed amount and specifics of usage.

Summary: Evacuation and information signs (prohibition, information, warning signs) for firefighting.