Beacons for special transport

Special services (police, ambulance, firefighters) use beacons and sirens to warn other road users about their priority. It is mandatory to stop and allow the vehicles with special blue (blue and red) beacons and sirens and vehicles that are following them to pass.

In ,,Iksada trade and service center” you will find these accessories for special transport:

  • beacons;
  • sirens;
  • beacon casings;
  • beacon meshes;
  • controls devices for beacons;
  • other parts.

,,Iksada trade and service center” sells Hispanic made ,,Federal Signal Vama” light and sound equipment of exceptionally high quality for vehicles of special purpose. It meets the requirements for special vehicles (police forces, safety services, military services, ambulances, institutions, aviation servicing companies, special vehicle companies, which have the permission to use beacons). Lenses and casings of beacons are made from polycarbonate which is exceptionally impact resistant and resistant to environmental effects. Beacons are attached using magnets and are tightened to telescopic pipe using screws. Beacons can be 12 or 24 V, they are energy efficient and not noisy.

Auxiliary lights for vehicles

,,Federal Signal Vama” LED lighting products are used in vehicle’s interior or under the front grill. When turned of, these beacons appear see-through and can be used on non-public patrol vehicles. ,,Federal Signal Vama” halogen lights are mounted under vehicle’s grill or inside of grill, also in vehicle’s interior. Latest LED lighting products ,,Viper” and ,,Viper S2” are mounted in vehicle’s interior.


,,Federal Signal Vama” speakers provides great sound dispersion and long service life. You can select their power from 30 W to 100 W.

How to choose the right lighting and sound equipment for special transport?

Contact us: phone (8-37) 350688 or e-mail info@iksadosppc.lt – we will answer all of your questions about choosing the right lighting and sound equipment for special transport, also about equipment’s operation and maintenance.

Summary: Lighting and sound equipment for special vehicles (police forces, security services, ambulances, firefighting, special vehicles).


Auxiliary lights:
Beacon casing: 

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