Firefighting tap equipment

In commercial or public premises fire extinguishers alone are not enough. Such premises have higher safety requirement, because in case of fire there are larger firefighting force and specific equipment needed. Firefighting water supply system must be installed in such premises; firefighting taps are connected to such system. Set of firefighting water supply system tap consists of: cabinet, firefighting hose, nozzle and couplings.

Firefighting hoses

Main factors to look at when choosing the hose:

  • maximum operational pressure;
  • dimensions;
  • mass;
  • concentricity;
  • resistance to pressure;
  • tearing pressure;
  • resistance to wear;
  • resistance to cold and heat;
  • resistance to bending;
  • marking.

In ,,Iksada trade and service center” you will find firefighting hoses with 13 bar pressure and Ø38 mm, Ø51 mm, Ø66 mm, Ø77 mm and Ø100 mm inner diameter. They have two coupling nozzles and are 20 meter long.

Pressure firefighting hoses ,,Special” are of 25 bar pressure, 38 mm., 51 mm, 66mm or 77 mm inner diameter, have two coupling nozzles and are 20 meters long.

Hoses are durable and meet all safety requirements: made from synthetic rubber, reinforced with synthetic thread, coupling nozzles are attached by using wire or metal ring.

If you need only a hose, pressure firefighting hoses are also sold without coupling nozzles.

Coupling nozzles of firefighting hoses

In ,,Iksada trade and service center” you will find these firefighting hose accessories:

  • GR – Ø38
  • GR – Ø 50
  • GR – Ø 77
  • GR – Ø80
  • GR – Ø50
  • GR – Ø66
  • GR – Ø70
  • GR – Ø100
  • GR – Ø 125
  • GR – Ø 150
  • Firefighting intake mesh
  • Firefighting distributor
  • Adapters GP 50 x 70 mm, 50x 80 mm, 70 x 80 mm, 80 x 100 mm and other.

Coupling nozzles

  • GM – Ø51
  • GM – Ø66
  • GM – Ø77
  • GM – Ø100
  • GM – Ø125
  • GM – Ø150
  • GC – Ø51
  • GC – Ø66
  • GC – Ø77


  • GZ- Ø 51
  • GZ- Ø 66
  • GZ- Ø 77,
  • GZ- Ø 100
  • GZ- Ø 125

We sell these nozzles:

  • adjustable nozzle Ø51 (plastic);
  • non-adjustable nozzle Ø51 (plastic);
  • adjustable nozzle Ø51 (plastic);
  • non-adjustable Ø51 (metal);
  • adjustable nozzle Ø51 (metal);
  • firefighting nozzle;
  • non-adjustabe nozzle Ø66 (metal);
  • adjustable nozzle Ø66 (metal).

We sell these firefighting taps:

  • Ø51 (bronze);
  • Ø51 (aluminum);
  • Ø66 (bronze);
  • Ø66 (aluminum).








Which firefighting tap equipment should I choose?

Contact us: phone (8-37) 350688 or e-mail info@iksadosppc.lt – we will answer all of your questions about choosing the right firefighting tap equipment, its operation and maintenance.

Summary: Firefighting tap equipment: firefighting hoses, coupling nozzles of firefighting hoses, nozzles, fire hydrants.