Cabinets for extinguishers, firefighting taps, first aid measures, keys from other firefighting equipment. Cabinets protect the equipment from negative impact of environment, mechanical or other damage. They must be easily accessible and marked in order to be easily noticeable in case of fire. There are cabinets made from different material (plastic or metal), they also vary in size, color and of course purpose. Cabinets can be adapted to the style of interior; they can be installed on the outside of wall or in the special opening in the wall.

Placement of firefighting equipment

It is important to keep in mind that extinguisher must be placed in easily accessible and visible place, access to fire tap must be unobstructed, cabinets must be protected from direct sunlight also they have to be at least 1 m away from heating sources. Cabinets must be locked, key must be placed under glass window. Extinguishers must be placed in cabinets of fire taps or close to them, in firefighting shield or on the floor in special cabinets, boxes or stands.

Technical specifications of cabinets

Cabinets of fire tap are made of metal and have lockable doors; key is placed under glass window. Cabinet is attached to the wall using chipboard screws. Recessed cabinet is installed in opening in the wall and attached using chipboard screws. Inside of cabinet there is a frame for holding firefighting hose and a place for extinguisher. Cabinets are painted in red and white. Other colors are possible on request. Cabinets are also sold without fire extinguishing equipment.

Marking of cabinets

Fire tap cabinets must have clear marking of ‘FT’ or graphic sign, number of fire service and serial number.

Which cabinets should I choose?

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Summary: Lockers for firefighting equipment (extinguishers, fire taps and other). Can be made of metal or of plastic; various sizes and colors available.

Cabinet examples:
Fire tap cabinet

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Fire tap cabinet (Suspended)
Fire tap cabinet (Recessed)
Extinguisher cabinet (plastic)
Extinguisher cabinet (metal)
Fire tap cabinet (Suspended)
Fire tap cabinet 2(Recessed)
Extinguisher cabinet (plastic)
First-aid kit (metal)
First-aid kit 2(metal)