Alarm and video surveillance systems

Surveillance cameras help protect people and property from unwanted intruders and help prevent possible accidents. Alarm warns security services and people about the danger or intrusion into prohibited areas. Alarms and surveillance cameras are a good preventative measures and reliable keeper of people, buildings and territories. After finding out your needs we will offer the most optimal option with respect to price and effectiveness. Installed surveillance cameras can be controlled remotely, modified by the user. These cameras will eliminate the need to hire additional staff.

,,Iksada trade and service center” sells alarms and video surveillance systems and offers these services:

  • Installation of alarms, warranty, out-of-warranty services and repairs;
  • Installation of video surveillance systems; warranty, out-of-warranty services and repairs;
  • Installation of security and fire alarm systems, warranty, out-of-warranty services and repairs;
  • Renovation of various systems, modification according to request of the client;
  • Technical maintenance of firefighting systems.

How to choose the right signalization and video surveillance?

Contact us: phone (8-37) 350688 or e-mail info@iksadosppc.lt – we will answer all of your questions about choosing the right alarm and video surveillance systems, their operation and maintenance.

Summary: Alarms and video surveillance systems, firefighting signalizations for protecting homes, business objects and territories.